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We are digital nomads working for the US market.

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We’re BracketMedia, an agency with 15+ years in the web development business providing creative digital solutions for our clients. Our diverse team hails from Argentina, Brazil, France and the United States, providing a wealth of experience and know-how for our clients to pull from.

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With our headquarters in Buenos Aires and the team distributed across Argentina, we are all conveniently aligned with EST time. When you’re logging on, we’re already in our zone.

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Peacebuilding Can Be Learned


The United States Institute for Peace (USIP) wanted to create a community hub for their peace-builders, something that BracketMedia had undertaken before for the Peace and Collaboration Development Network (PCDN). We soon realised that this project was much larger and more complicated. We couldn’t wait to get started.

The Big Guys On Campus


NACAS is a professional trade association that supports business through a diverse array of campus services that students need and value. They went through a rebranding process that included a new Wordpress website and its integration. We provided a fresh and fast Wordpress with custom Salesforce integration to help members find each other and start new business conversations.

Construction Project Management


BuildTools is a web-based construction management platform, accessible from anywhere. The system serves as a hub for anyone involved in the construction or remodeling of a home. BuildTools allows you to manage all communication for your crew and subcontractors; making things like email, site photos, project schedule, budget, timesheets and more as easy as driving a nail.