There is a lot to discover about your digital presence. The goal is to go from ideas and requirements to an organized plan for your brand. Market Research, User Journey, Content Strategy, and UX provide a solid toolset.

Strategy is about discovering what the best version of your brand is and defining a plan to get there.

Trends Discovery

Today’s online marketing strategies are so much more than just SEO. The way your users are searching for and finding your company has changed considerably. With the emergence of smart devices, machine learning and new social media your users’ journey to your website is likely to evolve even more. With trends discovery you can become first in line to take advantage of these new features to improve your organization’s online presence.

Trends discovery aims at capturing the new trends that go beyond SEO. It is an analysis of your company’s presence on different social networks, how consumers find your website, and how to measure your success in connecting with new users and expanding your current web presence.

Stakeholder Engagement

To be able to move forward with your online strategy and make it a success, you properly need the support of multiple people inside and outside of your organization. An appropriate Stakeholder Engagement analysis helps you map your stakeholders according to their strategic importance for your organization. This allows you to develop the correct communication strategy to keep each and every one of them engaged, involved and enthusiastic about your organization.

A stakeholder is anyone who is professionally involved in your organization and can have an effect on your online presence and performance. It could be how your employees are engaging on social media or how often your providers or consumers get a newsletter from you. Stakeholder Engagement is about developing a clever and managed process for your online communication. We can help you the right stakeholder management suitable just for your organization.

User Research

The best way to get to understand how your users behave, what their needs and motivations are is through a thorough analysis. Here User Research is the perfect strategic tool: through a methodical study of your target users, you will get valuable insights on how to best develop and design your online presence.

User Research is all about being able to create the perfect design that is appealing for your users. In User Research, we use an attitudinal method where we listen to your users’ word and opinion through interviews and feedback. As well as a behavioral method where we observe how your users’ behavior. This way you can take the most informed choice about your online strategy.

Content Auditing

Over the years, you and your team have spent long hours creating a wide variety of content for your online channels. However, now you are feeling like nobody ever uses it. If you can recognize this issue then it might be time to develop a content auditing strategy for your website.

Content Auditing is an efficient content marketing tactic aiming at updating and repurposing always existing content on your website to improve your online presence. Through a systematic analysis and assessment of all your existing content, we can help you improve your content strategy and align it with your marketing goals.

Metric Benchmarking

To take clever choices about your marketing strategy, you need to be able to take informed choices. Knowing where you stay in comparison to your competitors can give you value insights on where and how to improve.

Metric Benchmarking is about comparing your own performance in online marketing in a number of indicators that will result in a metric of performance indicators. By comparing these indicators with your competitors’ online performance, you can reveal areas to improve or missing spots in your online marketing strategy. Let us help you develop a proper metric benchmarking, so you can get the most out of your online presence.

Competitive / Comparative Analysis

Driving results and profitability to your organization is most likely on the top of your list. One way to assure a successful development of your business is by understanding your strengths and weak spots. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Analyzing your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and online behavior can also give you important insights into what is working and what isn’t in your industry.

A Competitive Analysis is about analyzing and understanding your own company’s position in the market to better understand what strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities you are facing, so you can make a well-informed strategic marketing plan.

In a Comparative Analysis, on the other hand, you do the same type of analysis but focus on your competitors. By assessing your rivals, you can gain valuable information about what they are doing right, so you can learn from that. But you will also gain information about what they are not doing so well, so you can take advantage of that.

SEO/Keyword Reports

For Google and other search engines to find the content on your website when potential users search on your expertise, you need to have your content optimized for search engines. In this process, choosing the right keywords is essential. However, finding the right keywords that will drive potential clients to your website isn’t that easy.

Let us create a SEO Keyword Report of your website which will give you the insights you need to improve your content to drive more clients from organic searches.

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