We design beautifully crafted websites that help develop your online brand identity and increase leads to gain new customers. Design needs to be both beautiful as well as functional. We keep up to date with the latest usability and technology trends and always work with a Mobile First and User Centered approach.

UX / UI Process

When new users find your website, they should be attracted to explore more, quickly be able to find the information they are searching, and have an easy and pleasant interaction with your site.

User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is all about your users’ experience of your website, and determining which design will give them the best experiences. UX focuses on the users’ motivations and what they are searching and how to make their journey the easiest. While UI is about what graphic layout for buttons, fonts etc. that you chose for your website to give your users a great experience on your website and make sure that they return.

Web Design

The key to a successful web design is making the design as obvious and self-explanatory for your users as possible. Your web design should guide your users easily from A to B on your website, and make it intuitive from them where to find additional information.

The only person leading the mouse and deciding where to click when on your site is your user. But web users are impatient and want to quickly find what they are looking for, and you definitely don’t want them to lose patience and leave your site. Therefore, your web design should always be focused on your user. We can create a web design for you that makes sure your users enjoy their experience on your website.

Responsive Web Design

Your users are not all using the same screen to browse your website. Some will be using a desktop computer, others will be scrolling through your site on their phone or tablet on their way to work. Your website should respond to your users’ screen size, platform and orientation, and that is what responsive web design is all about.

Responsive web design is an approach where the web design is made to automatically adapt to the screen size being used. Having your website designed with a responsive web design will make sure that features are automatically resized, hidden, or enlarged on your website to make it look great on all devices.

Mobile first

More and more people are using their phones to search for the content they need, and they will quickly click away if your website isn’t easy to use on their phones. While a responsive website design will solve most of these issues, designing your website with a mobile-first design will ensure you that your website is looking its very best when used on a phone.

Mobile-first design is based on the idea of starting with the design of the mobile version of a website. By designing the mobile version first, the focus is on including the most important features of your website first. Afterwards, the design can easily be scaled up to a desktop version. However, with a mobile first approach to design you are guaranteed that your website looks the absolute best for all those people browsing from their phones.

Content Creation and Management

We are surrounded with context every single day, and you need to get out there and spark the interest for your organization with great content. Creating content is about telling the story about your brand or organization to build an interest among your users.

Content creation and management is about creating high quality content for your website to reach the right audience at the right time. Content is not just written text but everything from infographics, videos, audio etc. It is also about creating content in the right format for different channels and distributing it, so you can connect with your audience where they are and drive them to your website.

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