What we learned from winning ‘Asset Manager Website of the Year’

What we learned from winning ‘Asset Manager Website of the Year’

July 2023
Web development

In New York on June 15, our client, Thornburg Investment Management was named Asset Manager Website of the Year at the ‘With Intelligence Mutual Funds and ETF Awards 2023’. The award was a source of tremendous joy and satisfaction for us—and the culmination of a journey that taught us a lot about ourselves.

Renowned for its unique investment strategies, Thornburg Investment Management needed a digital platform to reflect its innovative philosophy and approach. Having developed an omnichannel marketing strategy that raised Thornburg’s visibility with a consistent visual brand expression and identity, our long-time agency partner, Carpenter Group, handed the reins over to us: Our job was to transform 1,000+ pages of existing code into a dynamic, compelling website.

The journey required enormous dedication and a lot of coffee. Ultimately, we succeeded in crafting a personalized visitor experience, transforming a sprawling website into an intuitive, lead-generating platform.“Bracket understood our vision for a best-in-class digital experience,” said Carpenter Group president and founder Polly Carpenter. Her words were deeply gratifying—and the award exceeded our expectations. But most important, the project took us across newly discovered boundaries, enriching and fortifying us. With every challenge, we learn and grow, and with every success, we are reminded of why we love what we do.

Take a look at the award winner at www.thornburg.com