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By Andy Gersberg

What is a Web Relief Specialist and why you need one on your next web project.

High Stakes:

Bases are loaded, and the odds are stacked against you. Palms are sweaty, but the end is in clear sight. You’re getting emails left and right asking about updates and requests to a website you had already passed along to the client weeks ago. The client has decided to make minor tweaks and finds issues based upon the original design. Forcing you to restart the project and enter into another round of QA, coding, etc…While this is all completely normal, we found that it bottlenecks the creative process and takes away the momentum that was established from the onset of the project. By the time the second round of client iterations come along, we’ve all moved onto the next task and it becomes more difficult to switch gears back into, what we thought, was a nearly completed assignment. It’s like asking Leonardo da Vinci to put a hold on the Mona Lisa and for him to come back and touch up The Last Supper. As with all good design, once it’s started, the artist must stay in that mind-frame to complete his masterpiece.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. It’s instances just like these that hamper the ability of so many great agencies to streamline the web design & development process and ultimately establish long-term client relationships.

We at Bracketmedia aim to solve the issue with our dedicated Web Relief Specialist.

Relief Pitcher:

Each great World Series matchup comes down to what each of the team’s relief pitchers can do. They’re the closers and get it done in a high-stakes situation. The rest of the team has put them in a great position so far, and it’s on them to streamline that momentum to ensure a successful end. Like all baseball games, each of our clients is assigned a Web Relief Specialist dedicated to getting wrapping up projects and marking up a win for the good guys. They have the technical expertise and QA ability to get websites across the finish line without support from numerous teams and further resources. This specialist has a well-rounded skill set of intermediate coding, attention to detail, design, and client relations. They keep the morale high by making it their sole effort to get the clients’ website launched and the rest of the team tracking on new projects. This makes the client happy and keeps the rest of your team focused on what matters — crafting badass websites.

Save Time. Design Better. Optimize More.:

Agencies spend up to 23% of their development teams’ time with meetings, management, and general operations. This valuable time can add up quickly and take away from the ultimate goal and that’s making the website of your clients’ dreams. At BracketMedia, we do things a little differently than most. You will never hear from us asking for ‘more time’ if the client comes back with additional changes. It’s just not the way we operate and find that tug and pull dynamic creates tension in an already high-stakes situation. Instead, we operate off of a flexible statement of work that’s established from the get-go of the project and covers any speedbump we might encounter during the process. Though the concept of time is self-evident, as a business that lives off of it, we always aim to save the most amount of it and re-insert the energy back into creating magnificent websites.

This is Brackets philosophy and how we’ve built partnerships that have stood the test of time. With a dedicated Web Relief Specialist, each of your website projects will always have the momentum of a bowling ball and at the end of the lane — score a strike and keep the client coming back for more.

Home Run:

As a digital agency, you’re constantly managing resources and quality. If one of those slips, it can bring your hard work and dedication to an ultimate dead end. Brackets dedicated Web Relief Specialist can take feedback from your client and make immediate changes to the site without involving a Q&A team nor a developer’s time. They can single handily knocking out quick fixes and work directly with the client to wrap up a drawn-out web design. Ultimately, this creates a more streamlined approach to building your clients’ website and creating a more profitable offered service from your agency.

Want to learn more? Let’s chat.

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