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By Mariano Perez

Should you use WordPress for your clients?

As most of us know, it’s critical to establish a healthy sleep schedule when you have a child. It creates a base routine and sets them up for years of success. Choosing a suitable CMS (content management system) for your company or online brand applies the same principles — pick the best CMS for your needs, and it will allow for years of positive growth down the road. WordPress (WP) might be your best CMS option if you are looking for a free, easy-to-use, open-ended source software that has stood the test of time.

Safer Than a Vault:

Building a website that’s safe and secure is a must. That’s why 40+% of the world’s websites are developed upon WordPress 🤯! With numbers ranging in the billions of users, WordPress has undeniable security measures that allow this software to operate some of the Internets most comprehensive databases. Whether you’re working on a client’s existing site or building a new one from scratch, WordPress frequently releases security updates that protect your site from hackers and minimize security risks. Having Bracketmedia as your trusted web design and development partner allows peace of mind because we build upon the best WordPress standards. We also pair our sites with bomber firewalls such as Sucuri and Cloudflare to create a seamless connection that provides unrivaled end-to-end security.

Building a website that’s safe and secure is a must. That’s why 40+% of the world’s websites are developed upon WordPress 🤯!

SEO Driven:

Often overlooked in selecting a CMS is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value it can bring (or deter) in your marketing efforts. With a built-in image editor, precise HTML markup, and many other integral SEO features, it’s easy to see why WordPress is the go-to CMS for all SEO gurus out there. With Bracket on your side and WordPress as the foundation, your agency can provide white label SEO services to clients by implementing our top-tier SEO plans that are sure to lower search rankings and increase organic traffic.

Secure Backend:

Supporting your clients infrastructure:
Every agency owner dreads the event of their clients website spontaneously breaking. Even worse, them calling in the middle of the night to inform you…It’s like a Freddy Krueger film on replay, only worse. Foregoing that awkward 2 AM call — We offer support services to monitor and keep your code up to date. Our support team can provide aftercare when needed.

Ease of Use:

Whether you’re a developer or client, WordPress’s easy-to-use interface allows even the most novice digital user to operate the website and make essential changes. At Bracket, we specialize in creating backends that use simple input fields to make content changes on the fly. In addition, this allows administrators complete reign over the site without them possessing much technical knowledge. Bracket builds backends that can’t be tampered with or broken by the fingers of a nosy employee or the digitally inclined business owner.

Plugins’ Galore:

With WordPress’s substantial plug-in market, developers can accomplish most goals within their website without coding or making technical changes. With plugins that calculate and automate your shipping process to translate the site into multiple languages — Using WP’s community of plugins, you can turn your site into any kind of web app for free or with little money. Have an API or technical issue that a plug-in can’t solve? Having Bracket on your side allows you to go the extra step for clients by providing end-to-end website integration services for any solution that a simple plug-in can’t accomplish.


Ultimately, your client deserves the best. You’ve put in the work to build a valuable and trusted relationship; now, let us make you a custom WordPress site that will keep them coming back for more. With coders worldwide developing on WordPress, the number of resources available is unmatched in any other CMS framework community. Among its features, plug-ins, and UI updates coming — a WordPress site built by Bracket will ensure your client receives the design they’re looking for, all while providing them with the world’s most powerful CMS.

Fun Fact: With sites that feature a CMS, 60% of those are built upon WordPress!

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