Building Bridges for Democratic Change

PartnersGlobal works through a global network to create partnerships with local change leaders to transform conflict, strengthen democratic institutions, and achieve sustainable development. They currently provide consulting and advisory services in over 50 countries around the world.

About the Project

Partners Global approached us to help develop a more modern look and feel to their institutional website after they went through a rebrand, having updated their logo and graphics. We needed to showcase their 22 centers along with the mother institution in DC in order to creatively showcase the diversity of their work across 5 continents.


“BracketMedia made our website design process seamless. The team was such a pleasure to work with and delivered great work. Even after the project, they provide us with invaluable support”

Leigh McBain - Executive Program Assistant

Implemented Technology

Custom WordPress Plugin
Graphic Design
UX Design
Custom Maps
Responsive Design