About the Project

We were invited to participate in this project by our partner Erik Hansen at Mekanic. They were already doing amazing work with the new brand and the communication strategy and came to us for the last piece of the digital puzzle. We headed out to meet up at Nacas headquarters for some intense work sessions to analyze, study and strategize how to take the Nacas web presence into a new era.

The Challenge:

Nacas had an old CMS with various structural problems, many out of date integrations, and content that was not easy to maintain. There was also a complex integration with Salesforce and Fonteva product Member Nations. All of this needed to be restructured and presented in a modern and easy to use way.

Our main goal was to bring all of these old technologies together into a unique modern CMS while updating the Fonteva platform and integration. With the amount of existing content and the complex navigation system, re-structuring the site was a big challenge. Working together with the teams at Mekanic and Nacas, we were able to go through this process with speed and no downtime for the end users.

Implemented Technology


BracketMedia has been an invaluable partner with the creation of our new website. They were able to meet with our team, listen to our needs and deliver a beautiful website right on schedule. In addition, BracketMedia created a customized WordPress editor that provides our team the continual flexibility with design for the future while also ensuring intuitive editing capabilities and controls. We were so thrilled with the website launch that we've already embarked on our next design project with the BracketMedia team.

Kennedy Turner - Sr Director of Business Development