Building with

Ellenzweig is an architectural powerhouse based in Boston Massachusetts. They focus on research and teaching projects for science, engineering, life sciences, and the health sciences. From MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research to Harvard University’s Naito Chemistry Laboratory Complex, Ellenzweig is responsible for the design of some of the US’s finest laboratories, universities, and hospitals. Their impressive portfolio is full of world-class facilities that are now home to some of the best and brightest in the country.

About the project

Ellenzweig stays on the cutting edge of architecture and design, however their website was not reflective of their high design standards. They needed a creative and simple way to show the world just how awesome their work is using the beautiful photos they had of each of their world-class projects.


The Challenge

The goal was relatively simple: show the beautiful work that they’ve been doing as visually appealing as possible. The old website left much to be desired, as it was not responsive, had small photos, and was visually not doing the trick. The design was paramount in this project. Their team of physical architects joined forces with our team of digital architects in order to make something we thought visually represented the Ellenzweig standard of excellence. Luckily, we were working with some of the brightest Architects in the business, as Ellenzweig’s team had a clear vision of what they wanted. With our powers combined, we were able to bring their vision to life in a big way.


Implemented Technology

Graphic Design
UX Design
Custom Maps
Responsive Design