What The Client Does:

With over 5,000 + registered users, DME for Peace is a global community of practitioners, evaluators, and academics that share best and emerging practices on how to design, monitor, and evaluate peace-building programs. It was created to provide professionals in the peace-building, development, and humanitarian sectors with a platform to share tools, methodologies, and findings among the community to help them identify and demonstrate what works and what doesn’t.

Work involved:

One of our most recent projects with DME for Peace was the recreation of their Communities: The Human Rights Hub, a collaborative platform for the sharing of best practices in Human Rights programming. Together with DME, we created a way to let users know the work HRSM (Human Rights Support Mechanism) is doing in various countries. We implemented a simplified process for users to access the Resource Library specifically for HRSM and the facility to add or attend related Events.


The team at Bracket Media has been outstanding partners in the redevelopment and redesign of DME for Peace. The quality of work combined with the client focus, made working with them incredibly easy. The team at Bracket are innovators and approach problems with a creative, solutions-oriented mindset.

Jack Farrel, DME for Peace

Implemented Technology: