Our Methodology

What Makes
a Web Development
Project Successful?
Is it the coding team skills? The PM understanding of the project scope? A client providing clear ideas and good feedback? All of the above?

Our methodology is not a static document. It is constantly evolving as we learn and grow. We are always looking for new and better ways to do things. And we are always willing to adapt our methodology to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We are confident that our experience and methodology give us the edge we need to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

It’s All About

After 20 years working with agencies developing 100s of websites we know that it takes a lot more. The standard process to web development is complex by nature, but working for Agencies that have final clients on their own makes it a challenge. We believe good coding is only a part of the process, and not always the most important. We all assume the selected company has the skills to deliver the request, and there are ways to test this fact. You can ask for links and references and check if the websites built are technically ok. But when it comes to how this process is implemented things are different.
For us the human factor and relationships are the most important. If communication is flowing there should not be any problems that can't be detected on time and fixed. Developing a website is not the most complicated part, to be happy at the end of the process - and work again and again together - is what matters.

Fix It,
Always Fix It

So the next question is when are we happy and when are we frustrated during the process. We have thought about this for years. Every time we deliver a project to a happy client we throw a party and start planning the next one. But when things go wrong and we are not happy we jump into action. First we fix the problem and take the project back on track, but after that we stop and think about what went wrong and how we can avoid it next time. After 20 years doing this process we have a very sensible framework to detect and avoid problems.
Project management is more an art than a science and we are very creative people. When dealing with developers, clients, agencies and many other players things can short circuit anytime. Part of our process contemplates the fact that you as an agency have a final client that might (And will) change his mind after things are approved. That happens during the process and most important AFTER. A few days, weeks or months after going live the client needs to change or add something. Usually it would be difficult to allocate that work with a new team, but we see this as part of the natural process and are expecting them to be back with these upgrades. When you need support after developing, we want to be your partner too.

Your Web
Development Partner

It should be obvious why working with an agency with a full stack team is better than a freelancer or just developers. Building websites is a lot more than coding it. Someone needs to guide the process and it’s not the person focused on code quality. When working with us there are many people involved. We strongly believe Project Management, Development and Quality Assurance are three legs of the same length. No project can turn into happy clients unless all three are covered and balanced. To build up a team that can put together this trick takes years and a lot of coordination. Our team has been working together for decades, incorporating new members as time passed and new skills were required.
Working for agencies has proved to be a unique business model. One that requires us to be partners with you as an agency in order to produce the best possible outcome for your final client. We understand the sutil complexities that govern these relationships and have a methodology in place to optimize it.