The Resonance of Productivity: Exploring the Impact of Music During Work Hours

The Resonance of Productivity: Exploring the Impact of Music During Work Hours

July 2023
Agency life

No colleague can deny remote work and home-office days are here to stay. The pros are plentiful, but the cons often spring to mind when we feel stuck or overwhelmed, feeling unable to move forward. That’s when music comes to our aid. 

Why is it said that music helps us with our duties? Mainly because, according to science, music ignites mental processes in a way almost no other art can. If you feel trapped with an ‘impossible’ task, try listening to your favorite songs and shifting your focus away from the problem. In our experience, after a few melodies, “aha!” moments and out-of-the-box ideas start to emerge. 

“The simple act of listening to a favorite song can alter your mood, triggering long-ago memories.” says Susan Magsamen,Director of the Arts + Mind Lab Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics at Johns Hopkins University, “And when we remember to use this knowledge for prevention, wellness practices and interventions, it can significantly enhance our daily life.”

Insights From Bracket Coworkers

We interviewed different Bracket coworkers to uncover some major insights. Of course, most of our members enjoy international rock bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, and Queen when they're struggling with the hardest hours of post-launch afternoon. However, that trick doesn’t work in every case. For some of them, working days feel lighter if they can listen to their favorite band, while others need the strong guidance of a regular beat or a specific sound frequency.

“I crave that kind of rhythm” explained to us Manu, Leader of the Project Manager Team. “Especially when at the office, as many of my workmates loathe notifications sounds, Lofi Girl is the only thing left to fuel my workday. Except maybe for black coffee.”

Facu, who works in Trenque Lauquen as a Junior Developer, does not feel the same. He needs complete silence to focus on the code. Even though he is a musician who plays the guitar and sings, he does not listen to his music at work. In the same office, Elías, one of the youngest members of the Bracket family and senior QA tester, actually keeps a good workflow pace when listening to “boleros” such as Luis Miguel’s songs. No shame in sharing his music taste with his coworkers, no matter the mocks he might get.

What helps one person concentrate might be distracting to someone else; what helps one decompress might make another jumpy.  Everyone appreciates remote work for providing freedom to choose an environment (some work alone, others in cafés, in their pajamas, etc.) But most importantly, when needing to stay on the creative side of coding, most of them are grateful to enjoy silence or being able to listen to the music of their taste. That’s the dilemma in creative workplaces: finding the right balance that fits everyone.r

Here’s the ultimate home office playlist with a mix of songs that will help you unwind and oxygenate your brain. Share it with everyone who might be struggling with a task. Let us know if anyone gets lucky!