We design beautifully crafted websites that help develop your online brand identity and increase leads to gain new customers.


  • Web Development
  • Custom WordPress Dev
  • Custom Plugins
  • Social Media Integration
  • SAAS Development
  • Mobile-Ready E-Commerce


  • Vibrant Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Video & Animation
  • E-Commerce Design
  • Logo Design
Working with us

Amazing things come from collaboration.


With over 14 years experience in the business, BracketMedia has grown with the web. When we started making websites the internet was a very different place, but our excellent service and attention to detail has stayed the same. Having worked with clients big and small in various parts of the world (and in different languages), the BracketMedia team's wealth of experience is one of our greatest assets.


Why outsource when you can nearsource? Buenos Aires is conveniently aligned with the East Coast of the United States, meaning we operate during standard EST working hours (and then some). Our dedicated team seamlessly works with yours without having to make those inconvenient midnight meetings and suffer through delayed response times.


Argentina is the creative hub of Latin America and Buenos Aires is the epicenter. This being said, design is one of our greatest passions. There's nothing more satisfying to us than creating an original, eye-catching and user-friendly design. From logos to software design, our team is always ready to create.

Why Wordpress?

WordPress isn't just a content management system or a blog platform, it's a community of developers working together to create a more intertwined web. When it comes to coding, the bigger the community the better. WordPress has become a major player on the web and is constantly evolving and improving. If your website requires an admin, chances are WordPress is going to be the best for the job.

While staying simple to use, they have become a powerful content editor and site manager. With thousands of available integrations and an intuitive control panel, WordPress is the preferred platform for millions around the world.

The WordPress community makes integrations and new tools easy to use thanks to their endless feed of information and tutorials. You are also free to export all of your data in an easy to use format. Best of all, it's completely free to download and deploy.

Why Nearsource?


Buenos Aires is conveniently aligned with the east coast of the United States, meaning no matter where you are in the country when you're starting your day our team is already hard at work and ready to go. Say goodbye to the out of sync meeting times or next day responses that normally come with outsourcing.

No Cultural/Language Barrier

One of the biggest hurdles with outsourcing is the cultural differences in regards to work and language.
When nearsourcing, you remove this issue from the equation. Here at BracketMedia we maintain a similar work culture to the US, with almost identical hours to the East Coast and an entire team of bilingual project managers, designers and developers.

Technology: WP Plugins and API

We already told you how great Wordpress is, but that's only the beginning. The internet is all about connecting and sharing the things people like.

With so many websites using Wordpress now, the universe of applications and plugins available is astonishing. There is a plugin or app for just about everything on Wordpress. Tracking stats, embedding Social media content, creating polls and capturing newsletter subscriptions is all just a single click away with Wordpress.

The ease of use and availability of these APIs/Plugins has a big impact on your project's required efforts and costs. With wordpress, you can have all the big features you'd like no matter the size of your site. Whether you're a small NGO, an online store or big corporation, you'll get state of the art technology to fit your needs.

Why Bracketmedia?

Our motto around here is "The better prepared you are the quicker the resolution." Having worked on the web for the last 14 years, we’ve just about seen it all. Projects due yesterday, clients having not second but fifth thoughts about their color palette and of course the classic late-night call for help when the admin credentials go missing. You name it, we’ve been there.

Over the years we’ve developed our fair share of internal practices that keep us one step ahead of the game. Our experience has taught us the tricks of the trade to be well prepared when the unexpected arises and the bracket signal is lit.

Our signature method is implemented in the final stretch of every project leading up to launch. We know that after weeks of working on a project tired eyes are susceptible to miss the small stuff, so in the last phase of development, we bring in our "wrappers"- a completely fresh team that brings new eyes to the project and ensures more meticulous QA/UX testing. Our wrappers ensure no stone goes unturned, saving you the time and headache of having to make last minute/post launch fixes.

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