Web Development

We love open source–especially WordPress. We started using it as a custom CMS when it was still considered a Blog platform. With the largest community of coders behind it and a solid environment of plugins and scripts, WordPress is our preferred framework for secure, fast, and easy-to-use solutions.


WordPress is our favorite open-source CMS. It is easy to use for you and your team, and it leaves a lot of possibilities for our team to develop and design a beautiful and functional website for your organization.

Our team uses a mix of well-known plugins and customized plugins developed just for your needs. In WordPress, we can both help you develop mailing lists, debate forums, online stores, and learning systems. Hit us with your ideas and we will come up with the best solution for you.


Another of our favorite platforms for building beautiful and functional websites is Laravel. While WordPress is great for most small and medium-size websites, it might fall short if you have a larger project. And that’s where Laravel comes in.

Laravel is a PHP framework for creating websites, and it tends to be better at handling bigger websites and projects. Reach out to our team to hear if Laravel is the best option for your new website.

React Native

Are you looking to create an app that works smoothly on both Android and iOS? Our team can help you design and develop the perfect app for your just your purpose, and React Native is our preferred choice.

React Native is an open-source framework, which makes it possible to develop an app that functions on both Android and iOS within the same interface. React Native is driven by a community of contributors that works to explore new platforms and ways to improve it, which makes it an interesting and exciting framework to work with.

HTML 5 / Javascript

Our team are experts on programming in HTML5 and Javascript (JS). In unison, these two programming languages are the most common one to create websites. The functionality and pages of a website are mostly written in HTML5, whereas JS interacts with the HTML5 code to make it possible to change content or elements of the website.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge about these two languages, guarantee that we can develop the website exactly as you are imagining it – and make it work for a wide variety of users.


Are you looking to set up an eCommerce with your new website? We have long experience working with WooCommerce to create and customize the web shop just as you would like it.

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress designed for merchants using WordPress as their CMS to get an easy-to-use online shop up running. Our team knows their way around the many WooCommerce extensions and new plugins, and can create a web shop fitting just your needs.

SEO YOAST Optimization

Good SEO management is key to drive as much traffic as possible to your website. While our team can help you develop clever SEO strategies (link?), it can also be great to have a helping digital hand.

Yoast SEO Optimization is a WordPress plugin that helps you check your SEO effort on each page and post of your website. Our team can guide you to the correct use and set up of Yoast SEO. In joint effort with, for example, a keyword report (link) or content auditing (link), we can help you rank high within your field.

Custom Plugin Development

Are you dreaming about a special feature on your website but haven’t been able to find the right plugin for it? Let us help you out!

Our team has several years of experience in developing custom plugins for our clients, and we are happy to help you make your plugin dreams come true!

Upgrades and Technology Migration

When was the last time you assessed if you are using the best tech solution for your organization? You might want to upgrade the technology of your organization, to take advantage of some of the better or more secure technology available. An upgrade will most likely resolve in the need of a technology migration.

When we say technology migration, we simply mean to move from a current platform to a new one. And making secure that all your data gets safely from one to the other. Our team can help you navigate through the jungle of new tech solutions, find the best one for you, and help you perform the upgrades and technology migrations necessary in a smooth manner.

Content Migration

In the process of redesigning your website, you’ll most likely need to move content from your old website to your new website. This process is also known as content migration and includes moving all kinds of content: text, pictures, videos, etc.

While it sounds pretty straightforward, a redesigning of your website could be the perfect time to review and reorganize your content too! Let us help you with organizing your content migration to get the most out of your content and your new design.

Data Migration

Sometimes, you might need to upgrade your organization’s data storage, change the format of it, so you can merge different sources together, or maybe even use your data on your new website. This process of moving data between locations, formats, or systems is referred to as data migration.

Data migration can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Our team is there to help you all the way through the process to make sure everything goes smooth and no data gets lost.

CMS Integration and customization

If you want to go a step further with your website and modify functionalities or add special features, our team is ready to accommodate your ideas with the development of a customized CMS platform.

CMS integration and customization is about modifying and customizing the CMS platform for the needs of your organization and the work you do. A customized CMS will fit your business, its workflow, and special needs, and we will be happy to help you out designing and implementing it.

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