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With more than 50 years of production experience, EUE/Screen Gems provides film studios and infrastructure for television and feature film clients. They have some of the largest sound stages east of Hollywood, with studio campuses in Atlanta, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Miami.

About the project

Bracketmedia and EUE/Screen Gems go way back, with our first project together dating back to 2011 after Andy met an employee of theirs while playing tennis here in Buenos Aires. We made our first website for them shortly after. We were such a perfect fit that we couldn’t stand the idea of being separated. Screen Gems decided to take on a monthly maintenance plan to lock us down and have our services at their disposal every day. Since the first website we built for them, we’ve made a new version in 2013 followed by the newest and current version in 2016. Over the years our work relationships turned into friendships, seeing part of our team go visit the Screen Gems offices in New York on various occasions to hang out.


The Challenge

EUE / Screen Gems has been on fire the past few years, with breakout shows like Stranger Things and the new NatGeo biopic “Genius” among others receiving global acclaim. Working with some of the most high profile clients in the industry such as HBO, FOX and Lions Gate, you can imagine the high standards demanded from Screen Gems’ campus. As the company continued to expand rapidly and take on more and more high end projects, the owners decided it was the optimal time to refresh their brand. Not only did they want a newer, sleeker website, but they also wanted to refresh their long standing logo and create a new logo animation to play at the beginning of all of their productions.

Our team saw this as a great challenge that (once completed) would see our work in front of the entire world, with the animation in particular being shown on Netflix everywhere. Our all-star designer Waldo tackled the brand re-design completely, providing them with the great site that they have today, their new and improved EUE/Screen Gems logo, and also their new logo animation. In the end the EUE/Screen Gems team was so happy with the results that rumor has it they still walk around the office with a tablet showing their new animation on repeat.


BracketMedia’s staff are some of the most unique and creative people I’ve ever worked with. They developed a visually stunning, professional website for our company (EUE/Screen Gems Ltd). Along with their amazing customer support, I highly recommend them for any web design and development.

Rob Arias. Project Manager

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