Our diverse team hails from Argentina, France and the United States, giving us a wealth of perspective and experience to offer our clients.

Mariano Perez

Co Founder

  • Happy Camper
  • Jet Setter
  • Techie

Mariano is one of our Co-Founders, a 15 year veteran of the internet industry, avid traveler and Mac and Cheese connoisseur.  Originally from Mendoza Argentina, Mariano moved to Buenos Aires 16 years ago where he met Andy in film school and eventually founded BracketMedia.

Mariano is our go-to for all things tech, serving as our unofficial CTO over the years and helping keep us on the cutting edge of today’s web development practices. Not only is he first to fly out when our clients need him, he never misses a chance to meet up with friends Stateside for a good music festival.


Andy Gersberg

Co Founder

  • Captain Andy
  • Clay Court Master
  • Cat Lover

The other half of the dynamic duo that founded BracketMedia, Andy has always been comfortable at the helm. This is only natural, as his true passion is sailing. If you don’t find Captain Andy on his computer saving the day for one of our clients, he’s probably out at sea with his trusty sailboat “Atorrante 3” or petting his cat Fridi.

Always having a sharp eye for design, Andy serves as our Creative Director. Having studied advertising, photography and film, there is never a shortage of creativity when he’s around.


Laura Vidore

Project Director

  • Tango Dancer
  • Cheese Louise
  • Made in France

Our favorite Francesa on the team, Laura has been with BracketMedia for 2 years, having joined us shortly after her arrival to Buenos Aires from Paris. Since her arrival, she’s helped usher in a new chapter here at BracketMedia, having managed some of our biggest projects to date – including the development of the mega-project that is the new BuildTools system.

When she’s not working, you can always find her out dancing tango at a local “milonga” or out enjoying the thriving foodie scene here in Buenos Aires.


Will Aquino

Project Manager

  • DJ Trilliam
  • #10
  • ATLien

Will is the team’s American-Argentine. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, he has lived here in Buenos Aires for the past 9 years. Looking after many of our new projects as well as some of our key clients with maintenance plans such as One World Play Project and EUE/Screengems, you can always count on him to bring a bit of humor to every interaction with our clients.

When not at work, you can find him volunteering with his non-profit organization Club Union de los Pibes, DJing his favorite new hip hop/R&B jams around Buenos Aires or playing fútbol (soccer) with his friends.

Celeste Bono

Project Manager

  • Big Ben
  • Pop Star
  • Netflix

Celeste is one of BracketMedia’s project managers, where she works closely with our clients to make their great ideas become a solid reality. She has spent most of her life between Buenos Aires and London, and for some strange reason has an American accent.

When she’s not on the clock, she enjoys reading about World War II and watching Netflix specials about the British royal family. Rumor has it that she may have been a teen pop star but she can neither confirm nor deny.

Waldo Roman Martinez


  • Artist
  • Guitar Player
  • biker

Joining the BracketMedia family over 10 years ago when he moved to Buenos Aires from La Pampa, Waldo is our long standing lead designer. With over 20 years of design experience, he’s our go-to on everything from Web Design to logos and animations. Most recently he redesigned the EUE Screengems logo and animation that is seen on TV and Netflix worldwide.

When not churning out eye catching designs for the team, Waldo can be found drawing, playing the guitar or enjoying a classic Argentine asado with friends and family.


Dario Barda

Development Director

  • Digital Magician
  • Asado Lover
  • Coding to the Court

Dario is another one of our team members from the lovely city of Cordoba. One of our most talented developers, he is the architect behind our biggest project to date, managing a team of 4 exclusively working on the new BuildTools system.

When not working his magic for our clients, you can find him playing tennis, eating asado or teaching himself new skills on his favorite website Youtube.


Lucio Marquez

Lead Developer

  • Master Programmer
  • Mountain Man
  • Got Beef?

Lucio joins us from Trenque Lauquen, or as we like to call it: where the magic happens.  A natural problem solver, he has been our lead developer for over 6 years now, having had his hands on our biggest projects to date. Between his vast experience as a developer and his sharp eye for design, he’s proved to be a crucial part of our team.

When he’s not moving digital mountains for our clients, you can find him spending time with his family or enjoying the great outdoors – camping and snapping photos of the beautiful Argentine landscapes.


Alejandro Schuldhaus

PHP Developer + CSS Ninja

  • Pass the Pasta!
  • Paddle Pro
  • Doggo Lover

Ale joins the team from Mbopicuá – Capioví Misiones (Say that 3x fast.)  He’s been with the company 5 years now and has firmly established himself as one of our most talented CSS/HTML developers.  Currently Ale is focusing on the new BuildTools system, having written all of the html for this mega project that looks set to release early next year.

When Ale isn’t busy exceeding expectations with his immaculate coding, he enjoys spending his free time with his daughter, walking his dog and playing paddel with friends.

Junio Almeida

Senior PHP Developer

  • Coffee Nut
  • Roller Coder
  • PHP Master

Junio is the team’s Brazilian PHP wizard, having joined Bracketmedia in 2018 after his cruise of Latin America saw him deciding to switch Brazil for Argentina. With over 10 years of experience as a PHP Developer, there’s no challenge too big for Junio. His love for learning new languages and technologies keeps him up to date with the latest methods, something that has made him one of our go-to developers for our most complex projects.

When he isn’t rolling out new code and problem solving, you can find him  rollerblading with friends or enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Claudio Rivero

Laravel Developer

  • Burger King
  • Beach Boy
  • Movie Buff

Claudio joins us from Escobar, Buenos Aires. Bringing a great amount of creativity and dedication to the team, his expertise in new technologies and capacity for learning new systems can be seen in the excellent quality of his work.

Claudio is an integral part of the team building the new Buildtools platform.  When he is not working, you can find him playing the piano or watching movies.

Facundo Goñi

Laravel Developer

  • Developer
  • Bookworm
  • Mate Addict

Born in Buenos Aires, “Facu” is the newest member of the BracketMedia team. With 12 years in development, he’s quickly becoming a star for us with his excellent work on our current BuildTools project.

When not developing quality code for us, chances are you will find him studying online and adding more digital tools to his belt.

Meli Celia

Senior PHP Developer

  • Netflix and Code
  • Asado Lover
  • Perito Moreno Glacier

Born in Buenos Aires, Meli has been a part of the BracketMedia team for 6 years now.  Throughout this time she has become our go-to for complex coding, API’s and more.

When not putting out digital fires and providing high quality code for our most complex projects, you can find her watching one of her favorite series or enjoying an asado with friends and family.


Lucas Rovella

WordPress Developer

  • WordPress Guru
  • Asado Expert
  • Gamer

One of the few Buenos Aires natives on the team, Lucas joined us 4 years ago. An excellent WordPress developer, his motto is: Every Problem Has a Solution, something he backs up with his results.

Working alongside Lucio and Meli, Lucas is part of our WordPress developement team.  When not hard at work, you can find him playing video games or enjoying a classic Argentine asado with friends.

Elias Pringles

QA Specialist

  • Don't Stop the Music
  • Disco Stew
  • Youtube University

Elias is the newest (and youngest) member of the BracketMedia family. Born in Buenos Aires, he is now working in Trenque Lauquen getting jedi training from master Lucio as he learns the in’s and out’s of our digital procedures. His extreme attention to detail makes him a QA rockstar, never leaving a stone unturned.

In his spare time Eli likes to teach himself new skills on youtube, listen to music and enjoy his favorite tripe stew.